AI Background Generator: Unleashing Creativity

If you need a good background, then you have two options, first you can scout for locations to match what you have in your mind or you can use the Xinva AI background generator. Xinva is a powerful tool that can assist you in the design world, providing a novel way to improve your images. Push the limits of efficiency and creativity by utilizing the wonders of artificial intelligence to create distinctive and engrossing backdrops.

Amazing Backgrounds Generated by AI

Just write your prompt in the prompt box and wait for the magic. The more accurate and detailed prompt you provide the more accurate and detailed backgrounds you will get. It’s simple!

This background is generated by Xinva AI background generator

Create the beautiful backgrounds that you see in your head.

Using our tool you can get AI generated images to use on any application you might need. If it’s a photoshoot, or a drawing, a background for a website or any social media post, you can use our background generator to create just what you want.

You don’t need to scout locations, you don’t need to be a professional photographer, you just need to know how to describe the background you want and let our generator do the work. You will have it in a few seconds and you won’t be disappointed. 

Use our advanced AI tool to generate the perfect background.

AI Generated Background are her to stay!

Envision immersing your work in realistic 3D backdrops that are created instantly with our powerful generator. You can use it to create backgrounds that change dynamically to fit your tale, your images will have a stronger emotional impact.

AI background generators are a potent tool to enhance your graphics, whether you’re creating presentations, marketing collateral, or just expressing your artistic vision. So embrace the limitless potential of AI-powered creativity and move past the constraints of blank canvases.

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Generate background or wallpaper in any style.

Stop spending money on creators who will make backgrounds for you, and generate unlimited unique and detailed backgrounds in just a moment with Xinva

Steps to achieve your goals

Step 1

The program will create a background based on your words using the texts you entered in the prompt.

Step 2

Xinva will create a design based on the prompt you entered; all you have to do is wait a few seconds.

Step 3

You will be presented with different iterations of your prompt.

Step 4

To use later, save your AI-generated background to your computer.

Samples of Effective Prompts

Here are some examples of effective prompts that will help you achieve your goals. Make sure to use good prompts to get a proper design for your background.


Give me magic landscape


A pastel-colored landscape with rolling hills, fluffy clouds, and a magical portal hidden amongst the trees.


Give me a futuristic view in the background


A neon-lit cityscape with towering skyscrapers, flying vehicles, and holographic advertisements.