Xinva is an AI-powered design platform that allows you to create various designs, such as AI-generated images, vector designs, t-shirt designs, pattern designs, artwork, and more

The AI design generation feature uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze patterns, styles, and other visual elements to create unique and original designs.

No, we still don’t have a feature like that, but soon we will have this.

No, You need to customize the design to your prompt. There is no way to customize generated designs.

No. Unfortunately, Our AI is unable to generate typography or exact match words or sentences. 

Using the tool’s vector design capabilities, you can create various vector designs such as logos, icons, illustrations, and graphics.

No. you can only export by PNG, which is our default format.

You need to imagine something that you want to use on your T-shirt. Put your imagination and select the t-shirt section; you will get a design based on your prompt.

No. As it’s a fully prompt-based designer tool, no pre-made template exists.

Absolutely! Putting a good prompt, you can easily add text, graphics, or other design elements to the t-shirt designs.

No. You’ll need to use your mockup to preview.

This tool enables you to generate various patterns, including geometric, abstract, and floral patterns. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Certainly! The tool includes features specifically designed to create seamless patterns. You can seamlessly tile the generated patterns, allowing continuous repetition without visible edges.

The art generator feature utilizes AI algorithms to generate unique and creative artwork. It analyzes various artistic styles, themes, and compositions to produce visually appealing and original artworks.

The art generator can produce diverse artistic styles and themes, including abstract art, impressionism, cubism, surrealism, landscapes, portraits, and many more. You can explore various artistic expressions with this tool.