Text to Ai Cartoon Generator

Xinva AI Cartoon generator uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to create the best cartoon characters based on your prompts. Just tell the tool what you need and get ready to have a character generated in a matter of seconds. Easy to use and fast. 

Top AI Generated Cartoons

Xinva can create the character that you are imagining in your head. Describe your character in a detailed manner to the prompt box and get ready to be amazed when you see your character come to life. These are some AI-generated cartoons generated by Xinva

Create a Cartoon Character Without Being an Artist

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, our AI cartoon character generator can help you create the perfect character, in different styles. You can have the protagonist of your story… and also the villain.

You don’t need to be an artist. With our tool, you can create unique and remarkable characters that everybody will remember. 

Generate your characters with our most advanced AI

Generative AI Cartoon Characters is a top trend!

With the rise of AI, people have been using it in many different industries. The animation industry is not an exception. Using AI you can have amazing characters in no time, without having to spend tons of money. 

You can save time and avoid having to deal with designers and artists, you have full control. Use our AI cartoon generator to make your ideas a reality. 

Try it today.

Generate Cartoon Characters in any style

You can use our AI tool to generate what is in your mind, you don’t have to study art, you just need to be able to describe what you see in your head. You can generate all types of characters, heroes, princesses, villains, pets… Everything is possible!

How Does Xinva AI Cartoon Character Generator works?

Step 1

The tool will use the texts you put in the prompt, to generate a cartoon character based on what you said.

Step 2

You just need to wait a few seconds while our Cartoon Generator creates your character.

Step 3

You will have a couple of variations of your design. If you are happy with the generated character, you can remove the background if needed.

Step 4

Save your AI Generated Cartoon character to your computer for further use.

Example of Good Prompts

Here is some example of good prompts. Try your best to put the described prompt as much as you can


Create a cartoon character design, beautiful and good looking


Create a whimsical cartoon of a mischievous monkey playfully swinging from tree branches in a vibrant rainforest, surrounded by curious toucans and colorful butterflies.


Generate a cartoon of a dog


Create a cartoon of a confident dog strutting down a city sidewalk, wearing a stylish bandana and collar, with a playful expression that suggests he knows how cool he looks.


Yes. We have a free forever plan with 5 credits every month.

Xinva uses machine learning algorithms to analyze your input, such as style preferences, and elements. Then it generates character recommendations and variations that align with your vision.

Absolutely! It’s simple. Just write the expected style in the prompt box and the cartoon will be generated according to your style.

Yes. You can use the generated cartoons for commercial purposes. 

There are both free and paid plans available. Also, you can activate the pay-as-you-go plan or subscription plan. 

Yes, you can typically save and download your designs for personal or professional use, also it is available on your history page to download anytime.