AI NFT Generator: Digital Art in Digital Way

If you want to design an NFT, you can either learn how to draw or hire a professional to create it for you, or you can use our AI NFT Generator to create the perfect design for your non-fungible token. You just need to describe what you want and our AI tool will create it for you, in a matter of seconds, with little to no effort.

Amazing AI Generated NFT’s

Using Xinva you can use our tool to use AI to generate NFT’s. Explain the tool that you need and it gives you the NFT you are envisioning in a matter of seconds. The more specific you are, the more accurate the generated NFT will be.

Create AI Generated NFT with our Xinva

In the past, making NFTs needed expensive software or artistic talent. Our AI generator is here to democratize the process, making it possible for anybody to transform their concepts into breathtaking works of visual art. 

All you need to do is convey your idea using keywords, themes, or styles, and the AI system will transform it into a unique piece of art. This makes it possible for aspiring artists, collectors of art, and even companies to investigate the NFT market without requiring technological know-how.

Generate your dreamed NFT fast and effortlessly.

Advantages Above and Beyond Accessibility

In addition to being easily accessible, our AI NFT generator has various benefits. The first one is individuality: Every created piece of art is distinct, guaranteeing that your NFT stands out from the others. It is also fast and efficient,  helping you save a lot of time and money by creating several NFTs in a matter of minutes.

You can try out several themes and styles to find unanticipated creative potential. You can adjust aspects like hues, patterns, and textures. 

Try it today!

Generate NFT's in any pattern or style.

Ever dreamed of breathing life into your own NFT? Xinva’s AI Generator makes it a reality! Follow these simple steps and watch your vision come alive:

Unleash Your Inner Artist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

Let your imagination run wild! Describe your desired NFT using vivid details. Include their physical features, personality traits, and anything else that brings them to life. The more specific you are, the closer Xinva’s AI gets to capturing your unique vision.

Step 2

No need to worry about technical skills. Simply sit back and relax while Xinva’s AI works its wonders behind the scenes. In just a few seconds, your words will transform into special NFT art.

Step 3

Xinva doesn’t offer just one interpretation! You’ll be presented with several variations of your NFT, each with its own unique flair. Browse through them and choose the one that best embodies your vision.

Step 4

Once you’re happy with your creation, save it to your computer and use it for whatever your imagination desires! Share it online, print it out, or use it as inspiration for your next project.

Samples of Effective Prompts

Here are some examples of effective prompts that will help you achieve your goals. For a humorous design, make sure you are entering a described prompt.


Make a wonderful mythical figure.


A majestic griffin soaring through neon-lit streets, its feathers reflecting the vibrant advertisements.


A powerful storm.


A swirling storm or the serenity of a cascading waterfall through abstract shapes and textures.


Xinva AI NFT Generator is a cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to help users create unique, digital artworks that can be minted as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This technology leverages AI algorithms to generate art based on user inputs or themes.

Users provide the AI with a prompt or theme, and the AI uses its algorithms to create a digital artwork based on that input. The process involves complex computations and creativity algorithms to ensure each piece is unique.

Yes, every NFT generated by the AI is unique. The AI algorithms are designed to ensure that each artwork cannot be exactly replicated, making each piece one-of-a-kind. However, themes or prompts can produce similar styles or motifs, but the details and composition will be unique to each NFT.

Absolutely! You can use those artwork commercially.

No. We dont have an API service. Its only available in our website. 

To get started, simply visit our website, create an account, and input your desired theme or prompt. The AI will then generate the artwork.