Introducing Xinva Version 2

 Elevate Your Design Experience with AI!

Enter a New World of Imagination

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates regarding Xinva. With our effort, we have recently rolled out the update on our Version 2, and we can’t wait for you to experience the enhanced features and capabilities.

More Accurate Designs: Our upgraded AI model now produces even more accurate and stunning designs with the power of understanding complex prompts. Whether you’re working on graphics for marketing materials, social media posts, or any other creative project, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the precision and quality of the generated designs.

Text Integration: One of the most requested features is now a reality! With Version 2, you can seamlessly integrate text into your designs. This means you have greater control over the messaging and branding of your creations, making it easier to convey your ideas effectively.

Logo Generation: Elevate your brand with our new logo generation capabilities. Xinva can now assist you in creating unique and professional logos that reflect your brand identity. Say goodbye to generic logos and hello to a brand image that truly stands out.

Cartoon Characters and More: Unleash your creativity with the ability to generate cartoon characters and other artistic elements. Whether you’re a graphic designer, marketer, or hobbyist, you’ll find endless possibilities to express your vision through our diverse range of design options.

barbie made by xinva version 2

🚀 How to Access Xinva V2?

We made it straightforward for you. Login to your Xinva account and toggle the button to version 2, and you are done. Just like that